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Hello from WA!

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New RZ450e owner here from WA checking in!

First impressions: I love how smooth and effortless it is to drive. It made the RX and NX hybrid seem loud and coarse in comparison. I owned 2 RX hybrids before this.

Looking forward to learning more about the car in these forums.
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Welcome to the forum @Yeff, congrats on the RZ450e.

How did you spec it and what is range like so far? Would love to see pics!
Luxury trim with dynamic roof and cold weather package, "Ether" blue exterior with gray ultrasuede interior.

So far the range is as expected and described. It has 84% currently and is showing 162 mi/cilmate on, 203mi/climate off. It's only been drained/charged once, so it's a bit early to judge..

The radiant knee heater, seat heaters, and heated steering wheel means you don't really need the climate system on, even in 40ish degree Washington. But we'll see how that works in summer when I need AC.

No good "sharable" pics yet, need some good weather first :)
Congratulations on getting your RZ @Yeff! Great color combination that you picked. What kind of charging setup do you have at home?
Thank you RZ-4-Me! I'm using the ChargePoint Home Flex at home.

Love that color combo in your Avatar!
Congratz Yeff will be read more about the your travels on the first Lex BEV and charging experience maybe , some kind of short road trip.
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