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Hi from Newport, Rhode Island

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Took delivery of my RZ 450e three weeks ago and just loving everything about it.

Previously driving an RX hybrid and have been waiting since I purchased it new in 2008 for my next Lexus to be all electric. Hadn't expected it to take this long! Almost bought a Tesla Y a year ago but glad I waited one more year for the comfort and reliability of another Lexus.
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Congrats on the RZ. What has range been like for you so far?
Achieving 250+ miles on days with climate control off and sensible driving. More like 200-210 miles with climate control on and driving without consideration to maximizing range (which is now most days ;) ).
Welcome to the forum @RufusVG! Sounds like you're enjoying the RZ! What stands out the most compared to the RX you had? Do you have a home charger installed?
I love the smooth, quiet ride the electric power provides, as well as the additional torque. Also enjoying all the features my 15 year old RX lacked - Apple Play, adaptive cruise control, etc.
I put a level 2 charger in at my office. I currently charge up Mondays and Fridays. For my typical weekly driving this means the car rarely drops much below 50% leaving me with plenty of range if an unexpected trip comes up.
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