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Lexus RZ 450e Aerodynamics

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In their press release Lexus took some time to explain the Aerodynamic aspects of the RZ450e's design.


RZ’s spindle shape design generates a distinctive roof spoiler to suppress aerodynamic force acting on the body in a crosswind. This ensures a more stable driving feel. The center of the roof is shaped to allow air to flow smoothly from the sloped rear glass surface to the rear of the vehicle. The ducktail shape on the end of the trunk reduces aerodynamic drag by balancing the aft air flow. In addition, the generated downforce contributes to a stable driving feel. An undercover is used to flatten the underbody to reduce aerodynamic drag.

Having no engine to cool results in a low hood design and minimal front grille opening. The grille uses a grille shutter to improve aerodynamic efficiency. When cooling air is not required, the grille shutter is closed to reduce air resistance.

The seamless acceleration and dynamic performance of BEVs is expressed in the exterior design. Lexus’ identifiable spindle grille is replaced by a BEV Spindle Body. The new front bumper design focuses on aerodynamic efficiencies, optimized proportions and style, versus serving the cooling and exhaust needs of an internal combustion engine. This styling evolution ushers in a new Lexus aesthetic and establishes a new design direction for BEV offerings.

Within the spindle body is a minimalist, spacious interior focused on amplifying a sustainable mobility message and Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) through its application of mindfully sourced materials. Though simplistic, the space is luxurious thanks to its crafted touches and advanced technologies. In addition, the cabin features an available panoramic roof which visually opens the space, while passenger comfort is improved by a highly efficient heating system featuring a Lexus-first radiant heater.

From the side, the front fenders seemingly wrap around the wheels and tires, then flow rearward to express a powerful forward-moving momentum. The strong three-dimensional shape over the rear fenders emphasizes the tires’ width and communicate the dynamic performance image of DIRECT4. In addition, the flowing contrast of the doors’ sculpted shapes aims to achieve a captivating and scintillating surface.

The rear of the BEV features a clean and simple horizontal design matched to hips highlighting the wide stance; it is a look that accentuates the RZ’s torque-filled performance identity. A new spelled out LEXUS logo (as first seen on the recently launched NX and LX) resides on the horizontal rear combination lamps. The lowered center portion of the red lens accentuates the logo type and emphasizes a sharp look.
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