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Lexus RZ 450e Range

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According to Lexus, their current estimated range for the RZ 450e is up to 225 miles with 18 inch tires.

Lexus developed a system that maximizes the advantages of the dedicated platform by using technology and knowhow derived from the brand’s hybrid vehicle development. The use of BEV-exclusive, high-capacity batteries and silicon carbide power semiconductor elements in the inverter, as well as the incorporation of low-loss technologies cultivated in the development of HEVs, contribute to extending the single-charge cruise range of the vehicle. The current U.S. manufacturer-estimated range is up to 225 miles with 18-inch tires.
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According to the RZ 450e's brochure, along with having a range of up to 225 miles with the 18 inch wheels it gets a range of up to 200 miles with the 20 inch wheels

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