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Hi folks,

This place is pretty quiet o_O Am I the only one on here that actually placed a deposit on a RZ 450e?

Here is my experience:
  • Saw the unveil, and decided the next day I would enquire about a pre-order
  • Attempted to place a deposit over the phone with my local Lexus dealer, but was instead booked a follow-up phone call the next day for a deposit (2 days after the unveil)
  • Decided to stop by in-person that same day at the dealership
  • Was able to provide a $1000 deposit and was informed I was n.6 for my dealer
  • My dealer said he would be surprised to get more than 7 allocations for 2023
  • We will probably not have the opportunity to test drive before we take ownership as Lexus hadn't yet indicated if they would be providing Canadian dealers with test drive units
  • No official numbers for our market yet (range, charging, pricing, etc.)
  • Next steps: in the next few weeks, we should get contacted by the dealer to select our options and color. This is when we will know the pricing (and hopefully all of the Canadian specs)
Exciting and weird times to be ordering a new BEV :giggle:

Anyone else can share their experience?
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Hi there,

I placed the order before the unveil, on April 6. Went to the dealership in person and placed a $1000 deposit to be on the waiting list, there were already 6 or 7 people on it.

The rep said that they would probably have a demo unit by the end of the year, and then I could decide if I want to purchase the car or not (they won't have any issues selling the car if I back out).

He projected that I would be getting the car by August to October, but nothing is certain, my lease is due in September and they could extend my lease if the car is not ready in time (I currently have an NX Hybrid).

Waiting for the pricing and trim configurations, based on the European information it doesn't look like it will be a cheap car... I'm also on a waiting list for an Audi Q4, which might be a better buy depending on the RZ price.
Nice to hear from you, Redkoi! My experience is very similar. I was told that we would get ours around December. My dealer was just as laid back and confident as yours when it came to order cancellation.

The Audi Q4 looks great, too! The current context is making us shop so differently… I also have a deposit/pre-order on an Ioniq 5. However, the production date just recently got pushed an additional 6 months towards the second half of 2023!
Are you guys team yoke or traditional steering wheel?
Will most likely spec it traditional, but I get the yoke ;) Additional delays if you want the yoke from what I understand though.
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KeoRS, you should still be good since you're in QC!
Uh oh!! Yes, I live in Qc, but the closest dealer is Belair Lexus in Ottawa, ON! Hah! Guess I may be out of luck.
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